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Security & Confidentiality

A room booking system that can be hacked is a potential disaster. Ensure privacy and safety of your data with Door Tablet.

Natively Secure & Reliable

Data Protection to the Core

When choosing a workspace management system, you may have considered whether or not it is secure. However, once security becomes an issue for you, it is probably already too late - your system has already been hacked, sensitive information stolen, or data is being held for ransom and you face a world of pain and recriminations.

Door Tablet is built with comprehensive security features in mind, not as a mere afterthought or bolt-on. Enhanced security elements are integrated into both software and purpose-built hardware. We are proud that a wide variety of data-sensitive companies around the world trust Door Tablet.

Maximum control over system security

Door Tablet runs only on your premises or in your private cloud, so you have complete security control of your system.

This ensures that no one has access to your data but you. The solution operates solely on your infrastructure and/or your cloud. Cyber Security audits have ensured Door Tablet will never be a “weak link” within your ecosystem.

Door Tablet runs only on your premises or in your private cloud.  This gives complete control over the security of your network

Administrator Security

Administrators have full control of the Door Tablet system and may finetune the levels of security and authorizations. Enable or disable security features as needed, including booking and meeting information security.

End-user Security

Door Tablet offers different levels of authentication and authorizations for users. Security restrictions can be applied at:

  • System level
  • Device level – individual rooms or groups of rooms
You decide what functions are enabled for different rooms. For example, you may want to block a specific touchscreen from being used to book rooms unless the user is authorized.

Different users may be allocated different booking privileges via PIN numbers or RFD/NFC.

You decide which rooms are available, at what time and where these rooms may be booked – from the booking system, or solely on the touchscreens outside the room.

Administrators benefit from advanced control over security features.

Room Security

The Door Tablet system alerts the room booker when uninvited users check into a room. If door unlocking is enabled, Door Tablet can physically restrict room entry depending on authentication. Integrations with access control systems ensure only authorized access by user type or schedule.

Server Stability and Fail-safes

As well as being a secure environment, Door Tablet has robust system durability. By taking advantage of multiple servers, the Door Tablet servers can replicate each other, providing powerful redundancy. If one server goes down, all the endpoints notice and they automatically switch to an alternate server, maintaining seamless functionality. After this event, the system will try to revert back to the original server, at 10 minute intervals, to maintain load balancing.

Hardware Security

Door Tablet runs opaque on the network - by default our devices do not respond to any information other than the Door Tablet server.

  • No on-device credentials storage

    Our software does not store usernames or passwords on devices – so if the devices are stolen, they cannot be used to inflict harm on the organization. All information is stored solely on the Door Tablet server - not any end-points. We recommend selecting our robust, purpose-built displays to take advantage of their extended security features.
  • Single purpose device

    Since all our devices are purpose-built to be used only with Door Tablet, they have no value to the casual thief. Unlike an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tablet, our devices do not have resale value and are not a temptation.
  • Hard to remove

    Even if someone is tempted, our devices are difficult to extract because secure wall mounts and 3M stick tack makes them nearly impossible to remove.
  • Security-hardened hardware

    We offer “hardened” versions of our devices that are classified to handle a Rogue Admin. These are primarily used in high-security facilities.

Hardened devices are built so that no one may gain physical access to them via ports or interfaces, which is especially important for banks and security conscious organizations. This hardening of the units ensures no sensitive eavesdropping devices or other malware may be installed on our devices. Like all our Door Tablet products, our hardened devices work “out of the box”.

Hardware security features prevent device & data theft.


Sometimes you may not want visitors or employees to know who is coming to a meeting or what a meeting is about. Administrators are in complete control of what information the system will show on display devices.
All Door Tablet layouts are fully customizable which means that you can decide how much detail you want to show. This discretion can also be applied to all our Wayfinding services.

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