Unlock seamless room management with Intel Unite Door Tablet integration. Optimize workspace efficiency and enhance in-room productivity effortlessly. Explore the integration now! Anonymousprnt::Y


Intel Unite + Door Tablet

Seamless integration for complete room management

Why combine Intel Unite + Door Tablet?

Combining Intel Unite with Door Tablet workspace management ensures complete synergy between workspace optimization and in-room productivity. Door Tablet ensures the right people reach the right workspaces at the right time; once there, Intel Unite helps people know how their meeting is progressing and when their reserved time is coming to a close - so no more overruns, dropped agenda issues or hasty last-minute decision making!

Intel Unite + Door Tablet = Complete room management, inside and out!

To understand the benefit of combining the two systems, it is important to understand what each does individually:

Intel Unite makes collaboration easier

Intel Unite is a content-sharing software application that provides a fast, simple, and cost-efficient way to deliver a more secure and more manageable collaboration experience. It requires no additional licensing fees, and no training.

Key features include:
  • Reduced costs in managing meetings
  • Remote management capabilities, everything from basic upkeep and patching to remote repairs
  • Improved security and confidentiality
  • More secure data: meetings are protected with the enterprise-grade security of 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption. What happens in smarter meetings stays in smarter meetings
  • From Proof of Concept to State of the Art: start small and scale smart, right up to server-controlled smart meeting rooms
  • In-room controls: Manage lighting, speakerphones, cameras, and other environmental settings
  • Multiple Operating System support
  • Integrates with other conferencing solutions, e.g. Skype for Business and Zoom

Door Tablet makes managing rooms easy

Door Tablet is a solution for managing workspaces and bringing time to a focus. Door Tablet is interactive signage for meeting rooms, hot desks, huddle spaces, phone booths and more, with optional wayfinding displays to guide people along the way.

All the features you need and more:
  • Book any room from any display tablet or scheduling software (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, etc)
  • Instantly view a schedule overview from any display 
  • Automatic meeting reminders
  • Automatic release of rooms after a “no show”
  • Customizable backgrounds, layouts, themes, branding and device slideshows
  • Total flexibility
  • Modular and expandable
  • Wayfinding service
  • Full administrator and security control from a central web-browser UI
  • Environmentally friendly - automatic sleep mode configurable for nights and weekends

In short - the most advanced room booking system on the planet.

Intel Unite + Door Tablet 

Door Tablet connects to a wide range of scheduling platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Goole Workspace, HCL Domino / Lotus and more. The combination of Door Tablet with Intel Unite powers an elegant and powerful combined system.

The Door Tablet system operates outside of meeting spaces, while the Intel Unite system operates inside the meeting rooms. Integration enables Door Tablet to communicate meeting data to the Intel Unite Hub inside the room. Door Tablet knows who should be at the meeting, when the meeting should start and when it should finish, and tells the Intel Unite Hub within the room to make users aware of all this with pop-up notifications (called 'toast-messages') on the screen within the room.

  • Showing meeting start details
  • Alerting if meeting not checked in
  • Showing progress halfway and 3/4 way through the meeting
  • Warning of the approaching end of meetings
  • Turning Unite monitors OFF when not needed

Also if no one checks into the room, it will send a warning email to participants that the room will be released

By displaying regular schedule status updates during the meeting, Intel Unite + Door Tablet help ensure:

  • Meetings run to time
  • Meetings end on time
  • Agendas are fully addressed
  • Issues are prioritised appropriately as the meeting evolves
  • People in the room are fully aware of the time left for the meeting so they can prepare follow-up actions in good time
  • Time-pressured, last-minute decision making is prevented
  • Important issues are not rushed or skipped over because of poor time management

The result is that meetings flow smoothly, are productive and participants are not frustrated nor feel they are under time-pressure.

By combining Intel Unite + Door Tablet your company can be assured that you have the best system not only for managing rooms but also for what happens within them!

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