Efficient room booking: Door Tablet for Microsoft Exchange available on the same server or LAN. Seamlessly integrate for faster connections. Explore now! Anonymousprnt::Y

Door Tablet Room Booking for Microsoft Exchange

Exchange and Door Tablet on the same server

Install the Door Tablet server on the same machine you run Microsoft Exchange. This configuration not only saves on hardware but also improves the connection speed between Door Tablet and Exchange. In most cases, clients install the Door Tablet server on the cloud, using this configuration.

Exchange and Door Tablet on LAN

Connect to Microsoft Exchange on Premise. This is simple to implement with the help of our Server Installer and a direct connection to your Exchange Server using EWS (Exchange Web Services). Use a web browser to manage the Door Tablet server.

Create Door Tablet Rooms

If you would like to automate the creation of Door Tablet meetings, consult the help document, Prepare Exchange, on how to do this. Otherwise, you can just create rooms using the room address.

Basic configuration

  1. Find the Exchange EWS URL and set it in the Door Tablet system profile. As you use the local host, Door Tablet can use that and avoid DNS lookups
  2. Ask for the name and password of an administrator who has been assigned full rights to the rooms you wish to use
  3. Set the above details in the Door Tablet system profile
  4. Test the connection


You can enable Door Tablet to read your rooms from Exchange automatically . For this you will need to ask your Exchange administrator to create a room list group. This is an easy task but still optional.

VIDEO: Connecting to your scheduling system

Easily create a Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams meeting when you book a room

Example of what it looks like in Microsoft Calendar

Other Architectures