Integrate seamlessly with Asure Software Resource Scheduler. Door Tablet offers full functionality, supporting both cloud and on-premise configurations. Additional license required for Resource Scheduler integration. Anonymousprnt::Y

Asure Software Resource Scheduler

Door Tablet connects to Resource Scheduler to provide its complete set of functions for users.  You may install Door Tablet in a mixture of cloud and on-premise configurations and connect to Resource Scheduler on the cloud service.  

A Door Tablet installation for Resource Scheduler requires an additional license.

Click here for information about connecting to Resource Scheduler

Note: Hardware installation may be provided by certified Resource Scheduler or Door Tablet partners.

Contact your Resource Scheduler account manager and ask for:
  • Compatability of your Resource Scheduler installation with Door Tablet
  • URL to your Resource Scheduler instance, production and backup
  • User name and password in Resource Scheduler which grant access to meeting room lists and schedules
  • The name of the instance which was checked with both Resource Scheduler and Door Tablet

How to enable
As every instance of Resource Scheduler may be different from one another you will need to ask your Resource Scheduler account manager to assess the effort involved in implementing the integration of Door Tablet with Resource Scheduler. 

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Other Architectures

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Axxerion Server
Your instance in the Axxerion Server will already have rooms and resources which we can access for both reading and writing of bookings.
Exchange Web Services
Door Tablet connect to Axxerion to retrieve room information, schedules and book reservations
Door Tablet Server
As Door Tablet connects to Axxerion over HTTP/S you can host the Door Tablet server inside your firewall and manage it internally. You opt for this configuration if the Door Tablet Cloud service is not available in your country.
Door Tablet Clients
Use a variety of clients to connect to the Door Tablet Server. Use Android tablets, Apple iPads tablets or Microsoft Surface tablets. You can also use any modern browser on any display to connect as a client to the server. Use large TV screens to greet guests and display a room group schedule
Use a web browser to to administer the Door Tablet server, control tablet functionality and branding at room level and perform all admin functions