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Best of Breeds - Crestron and Door Tablet

Door Tablet software offers practical workspace management solutions that integrate seamlessly with Crestron devices.

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What is Door Tablet?

Door Tablet is an end-to-end solution for managing workspaces with interactive signage. It integrates with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, Planon and proprietary scheduling systems. Click here for more information on our room booking and scheduling system.

An Ecosystem for Healthy Workspaces

Optimize time and space by running Door Tablet on Crestron devices so your organization achieves maximum efficiency. See further information about our collaboration with Crestron on their website here.

Best of breed software on Crestron high performance hardware

Objective led meetings
Meetings that start and end on time
Increased efficiency
Smooth integration with popular booking software

Advantages of Door Tablet on Crestron

Ultimate Ease of Booking

In addition to booking meetings using traditional methods, Door Tablet offers booking from its interactive displays. Tapping “Nearby” on any display pulls up an overview of other workspaces that may be booked immediately.

Integration, Migration and Mobility

Seamlessly integrate Door Tablet to any scheduling system. Migrating to another platform? No problem - take Door Tablet with you. With Door Tablet you are not tied to any technology or system and may easily migrate to a new scheduling system. If you relocate, take the whole Door Tablet system with you.

Secure System Management

Door Tablet can run either on-premise or in your private cloud, giving you complete security control. Administrators have full control of the Door Tablet system and can fine tune the levels of security and authorizations. Enable or disable security features, including booking and meeting information security, integration with Access Control system using RFID. You decide what functions are enabled for different rooms.

Comprehensive Analytics

Analytics data is collected for every action, allowing you to audit workspace usage. Utilize Door Tablet with your analytics to pinpoint users who mismanage resources, such as booking rooms without using them. Have easy access to daily, weekly, monthly, annual or “any-interval- you-want” reports. Armed with these reports, you can investigate the underlying reasons behind usage patterns and transform the way you use workspaces and manage meetings.

High Performance Crestron Hardware

Crestron CRE

The 10.1 inch Crestron CRE is ideal for most workspaces.

  • Large Screen
  • Mounting and sensor options
  • Optional Occupancy Sensor
  • PoE+
  • Easy to install
  • Optional RFID

Crestron CRE-S

The 7.1 inch Crestron CRE-S is ideal for areas where space is at a premium.

  • Ideal for smaller spaces
  • Mounting and sensor options
  • Optional Occupancy Sensor
  • PoE+
  • Easy to install
  • Optional RFID

Our interface for smaller tablets is designed with usability in mind.