Door Tablet SSL security

This page provides basic information about the Door Table certificate which you can use in order to provide HTTPS services on your Door Tablet servers.  The certificates are provide inside a KeyRing, and is available for download from the Door Tablet web site.

We provide you with a KeyRing that you can implement in your Door Tablet server.  This will require that you make internal DNS changes so that when hosts, including all Door Tablet end-points, connect to, they actually reach your server and not this one.  For added protection, any Door Tablet App that attempts to connect to this server will be rejected.

Two tasks are required:
  1. Implement the KeyRing we provide on your server.  For more information see here
  2. Set DNS for to reach your internal server

About the certificate we provide:

You may generate a fresh test by using the services from  Click here to generate the above report afresh.