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This page provides basic information about the Door Table certificate which you can use in order to provide HTTPS services on your Door Tablet servers.  The certificates are provide inside a KeyRing, and is available for download from the Door Tablet web site.  https://door-tablet.com

We provide you with a KeyRing that you can implement in your Door Tablet server.  This will require that you make internal DNS changes so that when hosts, including all Door Tablet end-points, connect to https://dt-server.win, they actually reach your server and not this one.  For added protection, any Door Tablet App that attempts to connect to this server will be rejected.

Two tasks are required:
Implement the KeyRing we provide on your server.  For more information see here
Set DNS for https://dt-server.win to reach your internal server

About the certificate we provide: 
You may generate a fresh test by using the services from ssllabs.com. Click here to generate the above report afresh